Air BNB ~ Vacation Re-design

If you have decided to rent out your space to earn some extra money, there are some things you need to know so you are prepared. In this competitive market, Airbnb & vacation rentals  can be very competitive and tricky to attract new customers, therefore,  you want to make sure yours stands out from the others. 

Here are a few staging tips to grab Potential Guests eye:

1) Keep it Simple: Too much clutter or personal items can be distractive.

2) Guests want to feel like its home: Set up the space or items so guests can visualize using it in the space.“For example, set up a picnic on the private patio to showcase the outdoor space, or set up some board games on the table to showcase which games are available.

3) Make your space look cozy: Lots of cushions or pillows on the couch and bed with a throw is very welcoming and warm. If you have a fireplace, have it lit in your photos, lay out a few books on your coffee table and light some candles. Ambiance is everything.

4) Bring in the professionals:  Staging can set your property up for its greatest success by making your property look unique, comfortable and welcoming, therefore attracting more customers that are willing to pay more.  A well staged AIRBNB room or vacation property will highlight its best features letting potential guests imagine themselves staying there. 

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